Topping your donuts


To simply make a donut glaze you can slowly mix powdered sugar and water together (at about 3 parts sugar to 1 part water), constantly stirring until you have a mixture with a consistency into which the donuts can be dipped, or can be drizzled onto the donut.

Alternatively, you can replace the water with some warm milk. Heat a small amount of milk and stir in powdered sugar until your mixture is ready to be drizzled or dipped-in to (again, about 3 parts milk to 1 part sugar). Whilst it isn't necessary, adding some vanilla to the milk helps to flavor the glaze.

Leave your glazed donuts on a wire or baking tray until all the excess glaze has dripped off.

Sugar topping

Place your sugar into a small bowl or bag. Whilst the donuts are still warm, place into the bowl or bag and shake or turn the donut until it's covered in sugar. Some people like to add a small teaspoon of cinnamon into the sugar mix (or use cinnamon sugar) for extra flavor.

Chocolate glaze

Place some chocolate into a heat proof bowl with a small amount of cream and heat whilst slowly mixing (powdered sugar can be added to taste). Dip your donuts into the mixture or drizzle over as required.

Nuts and sprinkle

Cover your donut in glaze or chocolate glaze and roll in or shake on sprinkles or chopped nuts. Easy!

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